Sunday, July 15, 2012


Evening prayers on the hilltop. Once the petitions, listening, and expressions of gratitude were complete I rested in the last rosy, long rays of day's end. I heard Cicadas complaining about the rising humidity that comes as twilight approaches. I was pleasantly distracted by birds cheerfully singing as they go about gathering the bugs that have hidden during the heat of day. And the grass, drying out from lack of rain, whispered hush as a milder southern breeze swayed them back and forth. This is when I hear the lessons the earth offers. Tonight it was just to rest in the beauty, to soak it in with gratitude that we have such peace right where we are if we only stop and allow ourselves to find the quiet within. Creator knows what we need and speaks to us if we are willing to listen. It is a healing time, both through prayer and by letting the chatter of the day go with the setting sun.