Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sitting in church

I did not make it to church today, instead it came to me in the peace of early light. The parishioners gathered, as I entered and sat on my doorstep pew in the morning chill - a gentle breeze, swaying leaves talking amongst themselves, an occasional squirrel, daddy-long-legs, slender threads of golden sunlight dancing in patches on the lawn, and our dear cat Simon (though he paid little attention to the homily as dry skittering maple leaves round-danced distracting him). The choir of birds chirped and sang hymns of praise each in its own voice. I do love this church with a dome of sky for a roof, welcoming all who open their hearts and minds. The sermon was peaceful, its message spoken without words straight to my soul. I am grateful beyond measure for the blessings big and small in life, for the kindness of others, for babies and children and elders and all between, for sweet love, for sometimes tears, for laughter, for lessons learned (and learning still), for good health, and for meaningful work. The list is long, my gratitude great. Today is all ours, yesterday done and graded, tomorrow merely potential. The benediction simply to go and love one another.