Friday, November 26, 2010

Autumn Reverie

The untended tall field grass, stained gold in the long sunset light, swayed gently in the southern breeze as if without a care in the world. Birds flitted hither and yon in an effort to finish final errands before roosting for the night. Our collie, who ordinarily paced on well-worn trails instead lay curled up under the elder silver maple resting up for her evening rounds. This is such a peaceful time to be a spectator. It’s so effortless for my mind to slip into neutral leaving aside anything that tugged at me during the day. My spirit soars across the unobstructed vista, coasting low on the clear prairie air before turning high into the indigo zenith where twinkling stars are waiting to make their entrance. I can’t tell you how long I sat there on the weathered board stretched between two old stumps and enjoyed the reverie because time simply has no relevance. My spirit, refreshed, returned to my body as the sun slipped behind purple clouds on the horizon and left in its place a spectral band of fading color. The frosty air of late November nipped at my cheeks and toes. It was with gratitude for the experience and a sense of awe in the ever changing seasonal landscape that I descended from my vantage point to replace it with the busyness of a shared home.