Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Asked

I Asked

I asked the sunrise why it was so golden
And it sang and sang its good morning song
I asked the sky why it was so blue
And it sighed some gentle clouds, puffy and white
I asked the elder maple tree why it whispered
And it shook its leaves in the wind as a response
I asked the breezes where they were going
And they played with my hair and made me laugh
I asked the gurgling creek to talk with me
And its unspoken words flowed directly into my spirit
I asked the afternoon shadows why they hurried the day along
And they just reached and grabbed up more sunlight
I pondered a while, what was the lesson?
And the earth said look around
As the rosy sun slipped into cool, starlit twilight
And the harvest moon rose above the darkening tree line
I quietly observed…
Everything was as it should be... perfect.

Brenda 2011

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